The Investment in the Cost of Granite Countertops

Cost of Granite Countertops

The Cost of Granite Countertops is Naturally Less Than One Would Expect

Nature develops some truly beautiful things that require little to no involvement to process and deliver in a useable form. One of the most attractive of these natural products is granite. Granite countertops are incredibly beautiful, are easy to maintain and can last forever. The one thing that holds people back from investing in granite is the cost. At a price that is more expensive than some other options such as laminate, stainless steel or solid surface, someone thinking about granite for their kitchen, bar, or bathroom should consider the long life, low maintenance and overall durability benefits that the other options simply cannot compete with.
Naturally Beautiful
Few seem to grasp that expensive does not mean unaffordable and immediately shy away from granite countertops. Despite being naturally beautiful and resembling a unique piece of art, anticipated cost scares too many people away. Granite, in reality can fit any budget and like all things comes in a variety of price points. Typically, when searching for a high-end, unique or special granite people can expect to see prices upwards of a hundred dollars per square foot from some companies. This number scares off people who do not continue looking. Granite countertops can be found in prices sometimes as low as twenty dollars per square foot if the seller is looking to clear the product out. This price can fit even the tightest budget. And, as added value, granite countertops are truly timeless.
Granite counters actually date back to ancient Egypt, proving their timelessness. This is just one of the many benefits of granite. Cost is only a number, whereas the benefits of granite far outweigh the perceived cost. Some of these benefits include:
  • Granite is truly beautiful.
  • Granite countertops have depth. When sunlight hits and reflects off granite, you can actually see the depth of each piece and internal beauty.
  • The uniqueness of nature means that no two pieces will ever be the same.
  • The cost of granite is amortized over a lifetime. While some counters last for 10 to 25 years, granites lifespan is indefinite.
  • The cost of granite adds to the home's value. The cost will increase the value of your home at or above par, dollar for dollar spent.
  • Granite is a clean top, which does not harbour any kind of bacteria.
  • Granite is easy to maintain. Sealing it once a year, this is a similar process to waxing a car, and wiping up spills help to maintain the beauty of granite.
  • Granite is strong and very difficult to scratch. You can actually use granite countertops like a cutting board. Only quartz and diamond are stronger than granite.
  • Granite countertops are cool to the touch, making them perfect for rolling out dough or baking.
  • Granite countertops are heat resistant. Putting a red-hot pan on granite is safe and will never damage the countertop.
The cost of granite should not be the final influencing factor when deciding on a countertop, instead weigh the benefits of granite compared to cost and most will find the benefits far exceed the price point. A timeless countertop that increases the value of the home and is artfully beautiful should suggest that granite is the right choice for you.